How to Email an Influencer

Learn to Email Any Influencer (and get a reply!) 

Connect with the biggest influencers in your industry - and build real relationships.

Everybody gets a lot of emails. Influential people? They get a lot more -- which means YOUR email is extemely likely to get ignored. 

Learn how to email influencers -- even the biggest ones -- in a way that will inspire them to want to reply! 

What's in the course?

Emailing the right person

Before you send an email, make sure you're sending it to the right person. Learn how to identify the ideal potential partners to connect with, how to predict whether a partnership will effectively grow your business, and how to make sure you're sending to the right email address. 

Secrets of subject lines

The first key to emailing influencers is just getting your email opened. Influencers are busy, and most emails just get ignored. Your subject line will determine whether the conversation even gets started. Learn how to intrigue even the busiest influencer with a subject line that will make them want to hear what you have to say. 

The psychology of yes

The purpose of your first email isn't to create a partnership. It's not to make a connection. And it's definitely not to propose anything specific. The purpose of your first email is simply to make it easy for them to reply. Learn why that first "yes" is so important -- and how to make it easy for influencers to give you a quick and simple yes or no. 

Your first email template

The first email you send to an influencer is key. Learn exactly what to say in a cold pitch to an influencer. Learn how to intrigue without over-explaining and how to make it really easy for them to say yes. 

Your second email template

Once you've started the conversation, what do you say next? Learn what to say after you've gotten that first yes, and how to make the next step follow naturally. 

Ready to Get Started?

Stop hoping to get discovered and start growing your business steadily and authentically through real connections and relationships! It all starts with that first email.